We have a 33 year old Lockwood house. The exterior wall aluminium cladding began to lose its adhesion on the weather sides and was lifting and cracking over a considerable area.

After a few years of trying ( and failing ) to get any business to rectify the problem, we were very fortunate to discover that Kieran and Jana Tod, JK Design & Build, had recently taken over the South Auckland Lockwood franchise. Kieran visited our property, and the next day supplied a quote to supply and install new aluminium cladding. The quoted price was very satisfactory.

Kieran, with his extremely capable building partner Rick, then installed the new cladding before the Christmas holidays. Given the time frame, this was a fantastic result, as we didn’t expect the job to be started, yet alone completed, until the new year. Their quality of workmanship was exceptional, and the finished walls look absolutely flawless.

To sum up, we would not hesitate to recommend JK Design & Build to anyone for any work they are contemplating on their property, from re-cladding to a complete new build.

Neil & Sharon Saunders Patumahoe, Franklin.